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Fifa Goal Project

logofifagoalSecond Goal project

A technical centre, the first of its kind in the region, is being built in Kimbe, West New Britain, to focus on grooming young players through structured development programmes.

In a change to the project approved by the Goal Bureau on 3 December 2006, the second project will see the upgrading of the already constructed national football academy in Lae.

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Just Play


OFC is committed to growing football at community and school level throughout the Pacific. To this end, OFC has developed a unique grassrootsprogramme called ‘Just Play’ which promotes physical activity for primary-aged children while encouraging community involvement and healthy living.

Just Play’ is designed for children aged 6-12 and is based around structured activity programmes as well as the distribution of equipment packs containing balls, cones, bibs, activity manuals and other resources that enable children to play football at anytime and in any situation.

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Technical department

Players’ Health
Playing football is fun. But it is even more fun when you are well prepared and perform at your best because you meet the needs of you body. This means optimal training, sufficient recovery time and, as important evenly, eating well.

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Small-sides matches

grassrootsSmall-sided games are extremely beneficial for young children. Anecdotal evidence and research studies show that youngsters derive greater pleasure from playing football in smaller teams and with adapted rules. As well as getting involved in the game more often, players learn more quickly and take more decisions during the course of a match. And as the ball is never far away, greater concentration is required on their part.


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