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Education Centre for football introduce

The Papua New Guinea Football Association (PNGFA) is creating an Education Centre, in a push to ensure better quality and continuity of improvement in football.

The coordinator for Education Centre Edris Kumbruwah says the Education Centre will cater for additional classrooms that will be needed when the change in the status of the Centre becomes effective.

Kumbruwah said the objective behind upgrading the academy facilities to an Education Centre is to produce intelligent players and also coaches who can go a long way.

“The centre will be looking at maintaining evaluation of both players and coaches and will also look at refereeing,” says Kumbruwah.

Work on the curriculum for the Centre began two years ago and in its final stages.

Kumbruwah said the long term goal behind setting up the Education Centre is to raise the standard of football in the country.

In terms of moving forward, Papua New Guinea Football Association have identified an education centre as the priority.

At the moment, with housing and accommodation infrastructure still in the process of completion, the centre will run courses and also monitor and develop both current and potential international players.

Currently lacking, was a continuous system of monitoring and evaluation of players that would allow the Papua New Guinea Football Association to develop their players over time.

The plan is to gather players throughout the year, have coaching clinics and exercises commence, and focus on areas of weakness, with Kumbruwah also stating that many tournaments, such as the recent U17 OFC championships and the FIFA World Cup Qualifier, a requirement for PNGFA.

Talks are still underway with the various stakeholders attached with the PNG Football Association, to get the project up and running.

Building a football foundation is vital, and education programs have already been drawn up to cater for that.

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