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Finals fever in POM soccer competition

Eight finals will be played in the Port Moresby Soccer Association competition at the Bisini Park this weekend.

But the focus will be on University and Maclarens on Saturday in the men’s premier semi-final match at 12pm. The winner advance to play Mungkas in the grand-final on the 02nd December while the loser will face FC Genesis for the third placing.

The action will kick off on Saturday 9.00am with the men’s division one U19 grand-final between Keleiruna and Yarangs on Oval 1 while on Oval 2 the men’s division two U19 grand-final between NFA Skippers and Global Gurupweu.

At 10.30am on Oval 1, DBTI Saints will clash with Erima Fly-overs in the men’s division two grand-final while on Oval 2, Mainum will take on Seeadler in the women’s division one grand-final.  

The main clash at 12pm between University and Maclarens should delight fans. Maclarens’ coach Lua Vagi will rely on his ever reliable striker Tau Winnie to lead his charges while University coach Reginald Davani will be looking for options to close down his opponent goal-scoring machine Tau Winnie.

On Sunday all matches will be played on Oval 2 with the first match kicks off at 9.00am between University and Mungkas in the men’s premier U19 grand-final followed by women’s division two grand-final at 10.30am between DBTI Saints and Murat.

At 12.30, PS Ruts will clash with Mungkas in the men’s reserve grand-final. This final match between the both team should go down to the wire. PS Ruts will be looking at fielding the first 11 who beat FC Genesis last weekend, should give Mungkas a good game.

The premier men’s and women’s grand-final will be played on 02nd December 2017.

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