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Historic milestone for Babagarubu Soccer Association

Football is helping to bring a level of happiness to the Babagarubu community a village in the Rigo Coastal area. Last Saturday marked a historic moment after their completion of the first pre-season grand-final.

Located in the mountains where there’s no proper playing surface, Babagarubu has a long association with football dating all the way back to 2006 when Late Pascol Lasalo was the president and the founder of the association.

Late Lasalo is a strong football advocate, who was been an executive committee member of National Capital District Public Servants Soccer Association (NCDPSSA) before establishing the Babagarubu Soccer Association.

Now the wife has continued on his legacy by supporting the current president Gima Tanu and his executives in staging a successful grand-final on Saturday.

Papua New Guinea Football Association was invited by President Gima Tanu and his executives to witness the grand-final match between Siage Reds and Pepenauna Yellow battling it out for the top spot.

Pepenauna Yellow, led by team captain Kila Ala, proved too strong beating Siage Reds 5-2 to lift the shield and walk away with K500 cash prize.

PNGFA Senior Vice President John Wesley Gonjuan who officially kick-off the grand-final between the two teams thanked Babagarubu for the invitation and said he was glad to see the talents displayed during the day despite playing up the hill.

“Also as President of Port Moresby Soccer Association I invited Babagarubu to put up a team in the PMSA soccer competition this year” says Gonjuan.

BSA President Gima Tanu thanked Gonjuan for the invitation and said the associations aim is to provide an avenue for the identification of potential young talents who can be selected to undergo further development.

Tanu said BSA was proud of its role in supporting the youth of Babagarubu through the hosting of its soccer competition and other support activities.

“The village loves their football game and as their President I am proud to be a stakeholder in supporting law and order and peace building by engaging our youth through sports and it’s our goal to produce many good players while at the same time promote discipline and good health,” Tanu said.

Tanu has plans for a better and bigger competition when the proper season kicks off in May with the inclusion of a youth division.

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