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IFC pumps in K100, 000 for Besta FA Cup finals

International Food Corporation through its brand Besta presented K100,000 yesterday as the major sponsor for the finals of the 2018 Besta FA Cup regional tournament starting tomorrow.

Twelve teams representing the four regions of PNG are confirmed to take part in the last leg of the Besta FA Cup challenge stemming out as eventual winners from the regional challenges earlier in the year.

IFC chief operating officer Ahmad Faisal Hamdan said the company continues to sponsor the Besta Cup over the last five years.

This year it is putting in a K100,000 prize money to cover for both the men’s and women’s divisions.

The K100,000 will be halved with K50,000 going to the male and female winners and to be divided in order of top winners with the champions to pocket K20,000 in both categories.

The company senior manager (Sales and Marketing) Roslan Abd Wahed confirmed the arrangement, adding that the K100,000 was a way of giving back to grassroots people for their services to the company which is 90 per cent dominated by Papua New Guineans.

Hamdan thanked IFC to continue its financial backing of the Besta cup next year.

He said the company continued to support soccer through the Besta tinned fish brand which is truly PNG owned and made.

Wahed said the IFC sees soccer as a healthy sport thus want to nurture and educate PNG soccer elites to raise tomorrow’s champions.

Wahed said: “Not only is Besta PNG owned but is made by Papua New Guineans for Papua New Guineans. PNG societies should support Besta as 90 per cent of the IFC workforce is PNG.”

He also acknowledged the positive support of the Besta Cup from the wider corporate community as a whole.

He commended, especially parents for the immense support of their children taking part in the Besta Cup and soccer as a whole in PNG.

“Besta cup is played in the four regions of PNG so it’s always about PNG. From here they (players) are selected to join the National Soccer League teams as well the PNG side or contracted out of PNG,” Wahed said.

Edrish Kumbruwah, the technical director of PNG Football Association and director Education centre of the PNG soccer academy, receiving the K100,000 and as the host, said this weekend’s challenge brings together the regional champions from the four regions.

Kumbruwah confirmed the K100,000 to be the prize money divided amongst the top three finishers in both the female and males categories.
He said the tournament is as well a feeder program for the Besta FC franchise participating in the NSL annually.

He said the respective four finalists of the U-17 youth festival earlier in June who had their finals disrupted by heavy rains and deferred to this month are as well invited to be curtain raisers to the Besta FA cup finals.

The 12 teams will be divided into two pools in both categories and games are scheduled to start on tomorrow with the opening and ending with the finals on Sunday.

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