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Kapi Natto kicks off Eastern Papua Cup

The Eastern Papua Cup soccer tournament was officially kicked off on Saturday by Papua New Guinea Football Association President John Kapi Natto at Bisini Soccer Ground in Port Moresby.

Kapi Natto who was invited by the EPC President Joyce Grant to do the honours thank the female president and her executive for a job well done.

Speaking in front of the EPC crowd at Bisini, he told them that football in Papua New Guinea has come together as one and there’s no more division.

“I got into football not for politics but to fight corruption in the management and I started that fight since 2011 up until now standing before you as the PNGFA President.

Our soccer in the country has a lot of problem, I worked for the last three weeks in doing organizational structures.

“Football has not gone down to our people all over the country, we’ve been always focusing on our own personal need and not worrying about the people,” Kapi Natto said.

“I assure you the people of Milne Bay in this carnival that football will come down to you, the training, the technical, the coaching so you’ll be part of the football family.” 

“With whatever programs you have, we will have our referees, our technical and coaching staffs helping to support your programs.”

Kapi Natto encourage the players and the people of Milne Bay to stay committed and support the tournament, follow the rules of the game and be discipline on and off the pitch.

The soccer chief also invited EPC to put up a team in the National Soccer League.

 Ms Grant acknowledge the presence of the PNGFA President and also to officially open the 2018 Eastern Papua Carnival.

“I thank everybody for turning up in numbers and we look forward for the event that will be running for three weekends.”    

The tournament had attracted 29 clubs with a total number of teams standing at 48 as most clubs had fielded more than one team.

There are 30 teams for men and 8 for women while the children had 10.

Four clubs have come all the way from Milne Bay to participated in this tournament and there are; Green Line Mariners, Water Bays, Dogura and Samarai FC.

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