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Kumul Petroleum Holdings announces K3 million sponsorship for NSL

Papua New Guinea’s National Oil and Gas Company (NOC) Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL) today announced a K3 million Platinum sponsorship for the Papua New Guinea Football Association’s (PNGFA) premier competition, the National Soccer League (NSL).

In a press conference today, Managing Director of Kumul Petroleum Holdings, Mr Wapu Sonk said K1 million will be for the 2019 season and K2 million will be for the 2020 season.

This Platinum sponsorship will give KPHL the naming rights to Papua New Guinea’s premier soccer competition, NSL, which will now be call KUMUL PETROLEUM NATIONAL SOCCER LEAGUE.

KPHL’s sponsorship also clinches the exclusive naming rights to the grand final winning trophy, which will be called KUMUL PETROLUEM CUP.

This sponsorship follows the recent launch of the National Soccer League, as it heads into a new phase under President of PNG Football Association, Mr John Kapi Natto.

The seasons will be played in the four regional conferences of the country, Southern, Northern, Highlands and New Guinea Islands where 27 teams have already registered to compete.

Mr Sonk said KPHL recognised the broad spread of the game of soccer to all four regions of the country under a new management structure of PNGFA.

“KPHL as the National Oil Company, wants to partner in this very important game. KPHL is a sponsor of the Hunters Rugby League programme and also through Hela Wigmen team which our Subsidiary, Kroton is the sponsor.”

“But what appeals to us most is the spread of soccer to the grassroots level and large number of clubs already registered. Since its launch last week, the new-look National Soccer League competition is looking bigger and better involving an unprecedented 27 teams playing in four regional conferences (Southern, Northern, Highlands and New Guinea Islands).”

“We want to be part of this growth of the most skillful game.

“KPHL expects full compliance and management of the code to the highest standards and we will work with the PNGFA to ensure we grow the game together,” Mr Sonk added.

Since being elected into the office Mr Kapi Natto’s vision of developing soccer holistically is being realised with the NSL taking on a larger imprint on the soccer landscape with the involvement of regions previously left out of the NSL.

During the press conference Mr Kapi Natto thanked KPHL and said he was looking forward to growing soccer from strength to strength in all four regions of the country.

“For the first time we have four conferences/regions in the NSL and this is a milestone for football in spite of having a divided house for two years (2016-2018) which held back the sport.

“When I got elected as PNGFA President on 27th October, 2018, I said there would be a new-look NSL and it would not follow the old structure. Now we have regional conferences so we have NSL in all four regions for the first time.

“The PNGFA and NSL are spreading the opportunity around so that everyone can participate and we identify and harness the talent from a wide and deeper pool,” he said.

“With the sponsorship of Kumul Petroleum Holdings, I have faith that soccer will reach all corners of this country. The management will ensure that NSL provides an opportunity to showcase the pool of talent in football and sportsmanship in rural areas that have been overlooked over the years; eventually these talents should represent the country at the national and international levels.”

The NSL competition kicked off last week in the Southern and Northern Conferences with the Highlands and NGI to start next month.

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