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MSA ends competition finals

Madang Soccer Association ends its 2017 competition finals for all divisions last Sunday successfully despite some minor hiccups.

In the U16 men’s division, a tight contest between Logaw boys from Wagol settlement and Tusbab Blue Kumuls ended in a penalty shootout.

Tusbab’s goal keeper, Jessie Mandari saved the day for the Tusbab Kumuls by saving two penalty shots to deny the Wagol boys.

An elated U16 coach for Tusbab Blue Kumuls Nolan Samar said it was a tough encounter between both sides but praise his team for the win.

“We were a better side and we thought we could win easily but the Wagol boys pushed us all the way to the final whistle forcing us into the penalty shoot-out,” Samar says.

MD Backpage from Meiro came 3rd while Nabasa claimed the fourth spot.

In the Women’s division, Tusbab Blue Kumuls went into the grand final losing to Nabasa 1-0.

In the men’s reserve Tusbab Blue Kumuls beat Momase 1-0 to win the title while Isoni Kula Marlin beat Dofuns from Bilia village to claim the 3rd place.

In the A league game, the match between Nabasa FC and the boys from Wagol compound were called off by the match officials 5 minutes before full-time.

The match was disrupted by Wagsford fans running into the field of play when the second goal was scored by Junior Toli of Wagsford. 

MSA officials said a decision will be made within the week to decide on the Men’s A League finals.

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