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MSA to kick-off pre-season

Rookes Marine continues its support for the Madang Soccer Association to host its pre-season this Saturday with a K3000 cash sponsorship that will go towards to the winning divisions.

According to the President elect, Siegfried Beschel the company has been supporting its pre-season for the last 8 years. The Rookes Marine MSA pre-season will commence this Saturday and is will create a big interest of football here in Madang Province.

Each winning team in the Men, Women and Under 16 division will walk away with a cool K1000 cash prize.

The third and fourth placers will also get prizes, sponsored by Sigma Construction.

Registration per team is set at K100 and the tournament will run for two weekends.

Beschel says teams will be placed in pools with the top teams progressing to eliminations and the finals.

To register call 72160785.

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