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New soccer association rises

THE move to start the new Central Soccer Association has garnered support of football clubs and players from the Central province who participated in the recent Southern Region Besta FA Cup Qualifying tournament.

The man behind the move for the formation of the association is former PNG striker and a football fanatic Maino Kwalimu.

Kwalimu met with officials from clubs in Central Province during the four-day tournament and was appointed the interim president of the new soccer association.

“I think it’s a bonus for football in Central province because Koupa Soccer Association a former affiliate to PNGFA were not given opportunity to other villages in Central province to participate in their local competition,” says Kwalimu.

“These people have sweated for years playing football but were not given the opportunity to expose their talents by an association who comprises of only one village.”

He said Central province is full of talented football players and we have taken this step to align us with PNGFA which is the recognised body to give opportunities to all villages in Central Province to expose their players and excel.   

“Our house is intact and is now behind the move to form this new soccer association,” Kwalimu says.

Central Soccer Association is made up of villages in Rigo coastal, Rigo central and Rigo inland.

His appeal now is to the governor of Central province including the member for Rigo to assist Central Soccer Association in the development of football in Central province to expose raw talents in PNGFA sanctioned tournaments.

Kwalimu thanked club officials from all the clubs in Central province that took part in the Southern Region Besta FA Cup Qualifying tournament last month for having the confidence in him and appointed him as the president of Central Soccer Association.

He also thanked PNGFA for the recognition and promise to work together with the mother body to achieve their aims and goals for the betterment of soccer in Central province.

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