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NSL triple header to draw Madang crowds

If there is any game that will attract the mad soccer crowd of Madang to flock to Laiwaden this Saturday, it will be the first game of the triple header between the Lae based Besta PNG United and Prima Buang FC.

Buang will be out to push their chances, while the youthful Besta will be on full guard to maintain their fourth spot.

However, it is not so much the goals and spots on the points ladder that matters to the ardent Madang crowd, but the class of football that the PNGFA Besta United displayed, the touch and pass, the nippy footwork and the never say die attitude that the team is known for.

This is the first Besta team that has showed class above the rest, and that is what the Madang crowd wants to see.

To add on the class, display of football that Besta is known for, the Madang crowd will also be out to support that team because of their own sons, who have become regulars with the Harrison Kamake’s coached side.

Barty Kerobin, Graham Berigami, Ricky Wadunah and Freeman Giwi are now household names in the Madang Soccer Association and they have become role models for young players in Madang.

They are a class, players where spectators will pay to watch.

They are the models for a new wave of soccer players Madang and PNG can embrace.

Come tomorrow, they will be the players that will need to step up in their home ground to put a stop to the Buang FC offense, who are in high spirits after defeating Madang FC.

While Huawei PS United and Vitis Yamaros are up against the giants of the NSL competitions, an upset is imminent, especially when teams are desperate to be in the top four of the competition ladder.

The wooden spooners, Yamaros need self-belief and determination to topple Madang FC.

If Yamaros can add pressure up from, forcing the Madang FC defenders on their toes, opportunities will come by.

While LCD’s Raymond Gunemba was described by the Madang crowd as ‘the walking wounded’ who faced immense pain to score and equaliser against Madang FC in game one of the NSL, he will be the main player to draw crowd support for his team, as he finds his way between the defenders to add to his growing tally.

And if the winds of change do not change by Saturday early in the morning, it is anticipated that PNGFA Besta will lose by two goals to Buang FC, LCD will win by five goals against PS Huawei and Madang FC will win by just one goal against Vitis Yamaros.

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