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PNGFA embraces Education Centre

The Papua New Guinea Football Association (PNGFA) is creating an Education Centre, in a push to ensure better quality and continuity of improvement in football to invest in the future of players, coaches and administrators in the region.

The Director for Education Centre Edris Kumbruwah says the Education Centre will cater for additional classrooms that will be opened next year to develop and promote soccer in the country.

“The facilities at the education centre will be opened to develop young players and promote the growth of soccer in the country.” Kumbruwah said.

“Players ranging from 14 to 17 years old would be eligible to be part of the centre.”

He said the future of soccer in PNG depended on such institutions like the National Soccer Academy as many current soccer stars were developed there.

“Many players who have passed out from this academy are now playing in the semi-professional league. We have developed talents from Morobe, Madang and other parts of the country,” Kumruwah said.

Kumbruwah said the objective behind upgrading the academy facilities to an Education Centre is to produce intelligent players and also coaches who can go a long way.

“The centre will be looking at maintaining evaluation of both players and coaches and will also look at refereeing,” says Kumbruwah.

Work on the curriculum for the Centre began two years ago and in its final stages.

Kumbruwah said the long term goal behind setting up the Education Centre is to raise the standard of football in the country.

In terms of moving forward, Papua New Guinea Football Association have identified an education centre as the priority.

At the moment, with housing and accommodation infrastructure still in the process of completion, the centre will run courses and also monitor and develop both current and potential international players.

The Papua New Guinea Football Association Education Centre is also serious about helping the environment and is embarking on a solar project.

The solar project is the first in the country in which a sporting code has embarked on, to support the environment, as this is a growing concern for the country.

It costs the association (amount of money) and is supported by FIFA

The project includes the lighting on field one, which will enable the association to host International matches, National Team trainings and also host National Soccer League or local matches.

 The off grid will be used to supply the newly constructed 4 by 3 bedrooms houses that will be home to the staff at the centre including a gymnasium.

President, David Chung says this project will benefit the association greatly as expenses in electricity bills will be cut drastically and by doing this we are doing our bit to help sustain our environment.

“Building a football foundation is vital, and to keep improving and reaching new milestones we must establish a solid foundation of football leaders and the OFC Education Centre is going to help us to do that,” says Chung.