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PNGFA offers olive branch to suspended associations

THE PNG Football Association has extended the olive branch to seven suspended associations offering to establish dialogue with them.

The Papua New Guinea Football Association Acting President John Wesley Gonjuan is calling onto Bougainville, Hekari, Koupa, LFA, Manus, Mendi and Wabag Soccer Association who were suspended in 2016 to come forward and communicate with the PNGFA Secretariat to rectify their issues and comply with the PNG Football Association Statutes requirements.

Gonjuan said, the finding of the Electoral Committee investigation which led to recommendation for suspensions needed to be addressed to develop a way forward for the uplifting and re-instalment of the member association’s status.

He also extend his words to the other three associations, Tabubil, NCDPSSA and Lahi who walked out on their own will to reorganise and contact the PNGFA Secretariat to obtain the 2018 PNGFA activity calendar in-order to kick start their competition.

Papua New Guinea Football Association has sent out numerous letter to those association to work with the mother body and rectify the issues but have received negative response from them.

The PNGFA Executive Committee will be having a meeting at the end of this week and will set a dead-line on the process and therefore asked the suspended associations to humble themselves and work with the Secretariat to rectify the issues.

Gunjuan stated that PNGFA is the legitimate member association of OFC and FIFA, therefore continues to function as the national governing body of football in Papua New Guinea. Individuals will come and go while the players will continue to enjoy the greatest game.

“The institution (football) is bigger than any individuals and therefore we are all required to stay focus and work on development of the code,” added Gonjuan.

Papua New Guinea Football would like to welcome back Goroka Football Association under the leadership of Patrick Niningi and Madang Soccer Association under the leadership of Siegfried Beschel to the football family.

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