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PNGFA to carry-out Players’ Registration and Data Processing Program

The Papua New Guinea Football Association is basically recognized as an amateur association in the family of 211 member associations of FIFA.

However, with various development assistance programmes provided by FIFA since 1990, it also expects all member associations to comply with requirements and governance expectations of the game.  Under these requirements member associations must begin to take care of its number one product – the players.

PNG Football Association in 2018 will embark on data collection and registration of all the players participating in its member association competitions across the country.

The process will be lengthy and very challenging as there is limited data available on players’ currently. Much of the players’ information was restricted to the local associations. This exercise will be a nationwide task so will eventually have a national registration data.

By carrying out this exercise Papua New Guinea Football Association is fulfilling its obligation to the mandatory requirements of FIFA Domestic Matching System under TMS.

All the submitted names will then be registered on a database and players will be issued their registration numbers. Each player registering for the first time will receive a registration number which he/she will use for the rest of his/her playing career in an football association under the auspices of PNG Football Association.

In the case of a player wanting to move to another association, there will be a process to follow before the player is released. He/she will use the same registration number which will be inserted in the transfer details to a new association.

All members are asked to submit, all names of their players participating in all divisions, from the junior division to the Premier league division for both male and female players.

Even member associations who runs a youth programs from under 15 years down, the program administrator of the program must submit the players’ data and related details for registration.

Apart from submitting the information, all players are also required to pay for their registration to the PNG Football Association. The Member Associations of PNG Football Association is responsible to collect and pay its players registration fee to the PNGFA Operations Account-BSP Acc. No. # 7002 171 143.

Every football season a player who continues to play in a PNG Football Association member association is obligated to renew its membership. There will be a follow up done on each member association during each yearly season of member association competition.

For more details on the registration of players, please contact Daisy Bowada Serum, TMS Manager of PNGFA on

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