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PNGFA to move forward with soccer development

The PNG Football Association executives are ready to move forward with the development of soccer.

Acting president John Wesley Gonjuan said this during a PNGFA executive committee meeting held at the Gateway Hotel last Friday.

He said under the PNGFA requirements and the FIFA constitution, the senior vice-president automatically becomes the president, and taking that into consideration, Gonjuan becomes the PNGFA president.

In regard to the resignation of Chung, Gonjuan said the executives thank him for his input in the development and for taking the game in the country to another level.

He also said the PNGFA was inviting the seven suspended associations to come back under one umbrella and put an end to the politics that is surrounding the game.

“We are looking at restoring members from the outside but there are rules and regulations that we also have to comply with and bring them in using the right process,” Gonjuan said.

“This is to move PNGFA forward with the aim of developing soccer. We already gave an open invitation to the associations and as soon as they revisit the compliance requirements, they will proceed further.

“We currently have eight full members and another five associate members we are working closely. Those members were part of the 18 associations.”

In 2016, out of the 18 affiliates, six were not functioning resulting in their eventual suspension. Gonjuan said the process now is to work closely with the seven individual associations (suspended) to comply and find a way forward.

“Since the break or impasse in the football, the only thing we lost was our national players. Apart from that we haven’t lost any sponsors, National Soccer league was a bit off last year without a sponsor and hosting the finals but we still have Besta (the tinned fish brand of the International Food Corporation) as the main sponsor to help the association run programs in the country.”

Gonjuan said the key issues for discussion to set the code back on track include: Restore the seven suspended members of PNGFA;Conduct independent audit as per the FIFA/OFC and PNGFA requirements; Independent audit on staff; Revisit PNGFA competitions and also make alignments for the development of football in the country; Restructure Football development age and to focus on children at the age of 6-20 years old; PNG Football Education centre (focus in improving the Kimbe and Lae academy); and, Strengthen National teams for both male and female in all divisions.

“All we need now is to stop all the dividends and move forward, football is everywhere and we need all the experts to come together and develop the code with pride,” Gonjuan said.

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