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Proud moment for Malagian

Nigel Malagian’s goal on the grand final match on Saturday may be his last for his adopted club but for him he has achieved something more worthy in life than just playing football for the club – a chance to complete his education.

Nigel spent two years with Tusbab Blue Kumuls doing grade 11 and this week, he is doing his final grade 12 exams, another proud moment for the club and his family.

When he graduates this Sunday, he will be part of the history for Tusbab Blue Kumuls players who have gone through this program – of giving a second chance to soccer athlete to get an education at the same time train and play soccer.

Like many young talented soccer athletes, Nigel left school to pursue his soccer interest and could not continue on with his education. Fortunately for him, Tusbab Secondary School has given him a lease of life – to complete his education through an arrangement from Tusbab Blue Kumuls

Wadunah said Tusbab Blue Kumuls had an arrangement with Tusbab Secondary School for soccer athletes to pursue their education while plying their trade in soccer but the player will have to play for the school team – the Tusbab Blue Kumuls.

The program was developed by the club’s coach Rachel Wadunah, who is also a teacher at the school and supported by the school principal, Mr Alphonse Igag.

Nigel moved to Tusbab Blue Kumuls in 2016 left many Nabasa fans furious. Many criticized him, even just before the grand final match calling him betrayer. 

It was thirty seconds before the final whistle of extra time of the men’s A League grand final when Malagian head home the winner to send the Laiwaden fans into frenzy. 

Coach Wadunah praised Nigel for his leadership to lead by example in securing the win for the club this season.

He was known to Madang Soccer Association as the ‘head butt’ specialist, building a reputation for himself as a specialist header who can unravel his taller opponents to win the ball in play

Nigel has created history for himself and the club. He scored 35 goals for the club this season and five of those goals were from the head.

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