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Strikers ready for Wawens

For the first time newcomers to the National Soccer League – FC Morobe Wawens will play their first game on the City soil.

This is a must win for the Strikers in front of their home crowd. After the deferral of their game against Besta PNG United FC last Saturday following heavy rains in the National Capital District, Southern Strikers have probably polished up on their defensive patterns and their combinations at training during the week.

If this should be the case, they will without doubt be putting up an improved performance against the visitors.

The Strikers will be counting on the experience of Sammy Campbell, John Ray, Richard Alois and goalkeeper Albert Mesulam to lead their young chargers.

After a bye, a win and a loss in the first three rounds, the visitors have nothing to lose but want to stamp their mark in the semi-professional league.

The 2-1 victory against another Morobe side, Buang FC should be morale boosting for the side.

It was evident last Saturday that despite having a couple of chances to convert, Wawens failed to do so and, hopefully today’s game should give them a little bit of a shake-up.

Southern Strikers: 1. Albert Mesulam (GK), 2. John Ray, 3. Semmy Campbell (C), 4. Carlos Onne, 5. Kenneth Arah, 6. Richard Alois, 7. Jaggen Nalu, 8. Greg Togubai, 9. Joseph Waiwai, 10. Randell Passam, 11. Ila Pene, 12. Moses Peter, 13. Blake Gyomwanauri

Morobe Wawens: 20. Alois John (GK), 2. Kenneth Pilailo, 15. Philip Steven, 12. Donatus Bandi, 14. Jason Farrock, 9. Neo David, 17. Dallas Namuesh (C), 13. Alu Awi, 11. Bernard Purari, 7. Michael Saun, 8. Giwi Simon, 3. John Bagaipa, 18. Ben Lapio, 6. Francis Isom, 19. Ali Gadu, 4. Moses Kamakeng.

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