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Tusbab wary of Wagsford’s experience

Madang Soccer Association A League grand final this Saturday will see two of the most consistent teams vying for the champion’s title of soccer in Madang. Tusbab Blue Kumuls finished off the 2018 season as the minor premiers, while the boys from the Wagol Pikus compound, Wagsford, finished as runner-up.

Finishing off the competition at the top of the table was not easy. In round one of the competition, Tusbab played nine games, won 6 and drew 3, a record for the club, finishing off with 21 points while Wagsford won 4 games, drew 3 and lost two games, with 15 points.

The second round of the Madang Soccer Association sanctioned competition saw a number of A League teams putting pressure for the race of the minor premier.

It was a struggle for Tusbab Blue Kumuls in the second round after losing four regular A League players to national duties. Stahl Gubag, Kimson Kapai, Freeman Giwi, Ricky Wadunah and Graham Berigami left a big gap to fill when leaving for the OFC U20 Championship in Tahiti.

Despite the struggle coach Rachel Wadunah played her cards right to call in the service of her four U16 players in Jesse Mandari, Jason Akaya Wadunah, Morris Devi and Butler Bossi Hosea to fill in the gap and it really worked well for her.

Tusbab and Wagsford are enemies when it comes to football and it all boils down to round one when the two teams face each other which saw the lone female coached-side beat Wagsford 4-1 and again beating them in round two with a 4-0 win.

Being the favourite and tipped to win the grand final, Tusbab will rely on the maestro touches of Max Sengum together with youngsters Stahl Gubag and Ricky Wadunah to secure the win but they will have to work extra hard to shut down the  supply from Wagsford’s Darren Steven and Francis Kawol in the midfield.

The grand finale will have a lot of ‘flavour’ for the audience as the crowd will witness the only female coach in the A league, Rachel Wadunah of Tusbab Blue Kumuls taking on the referee-come-coach, Darrel Ken of Wagsford.

Despite lacking the coaching experience, Wagsford coach Darrel Ken has a pool of experienced players to choose from. This will be a game of experienced versus youth, male coach versus the female, and the winner at the end of the 90minutes will be the team that has composure.

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