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Yasasa aims to be the best

Yagi Yasasa moves with confidence and determination through football and the drive to make into the first 11 has always motivated the youngster to be the best.

Yasasa is from Markham and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and is 17 years old. He is the only sibling in the family growing up with his grandparents in Lae, Morobe Province, which he has called home for seventeen years now.

He learnt to love football at a tender age of 14 when he made it into the Lahi squad that played in Madang in the PNGFA Under 17 youth tournament in 2014.

Eventhough Yasasa made it into the squad he was not happy that he did not make the first 11 for most of the games and came to Lae wanting to be the best.

From there football then became his main hobby and since then he has followed it passionately.

His luck came through last year when PNGFA selectors asked him for a trial for the OFC Under 17 tournament in Tahiti, he made it through and was part of the team.

Overall the team’s performance was outstanding at the tournament, they made it into the semi-final for the first time in PNG history but lost to New Zealand.

Yasasa now plays midfielder for the Besta PNG United Football Club in the National Soccer League and he is one of the key member for the team.

The shy little boy now turned into a confident young man and through football he developed his personality and he learned not just for himself but for the team.

He has always been grateful to his maternal grandparents who have raised him and continue to be his back bone in his life and his soccer playing career.

He is now working on making it to the OFC Under 19 tournament this year.

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